England 12.9. 028

Health and Well-Being as a Personal Long-Time-Goal

In one of my first blog articles I have written about my personal success of having lost 10 kg of weight within six months. Now, a few months further on, I had gained some again, but meanwhile it is continually going downward.

Why do I do this? Of course it is also about my health, I don’t get any younger and with more distance to a regular and often stressful office-job I become more aware of many things. Therefore, I like to test methods on myself, because my clients often ask me for advice and tips.

I don’t sell little pills little and powders. They only help the manufacturer to make money. For a short time they may help or can be used as entry and courage-makers. But especially for people over 40 it is extremely important to care for their body and health. Lacking exercise for example causes “back”; you’ll get a prescription about massages, but that does not solve the problem, however. With an enjoyable and entertaining form of sport such pains can be cured and avoided and by permanently strengthening the musculature the physical well-being rises enormously. Whether you chose a guided course for yoga or walking or do gymnastics with the help of a pilates-video in front of the TV – anything is fine, as long as you exercise at all.

“Overweight is mainly a consequence of our hectic lifestyle”. We have all read this sentence umpteen times, have said “oh yes, how true”, and that was it. Torn between vocational and private appointments there is hardly any time left to prepare a healthy meal. To grab döner and chocolate is practical and the hunger is promptly nursed. Being my own test person I have one big advantage: I usually work from my home office and have the possibility to prepare exactly the meals that do me well. Should that not be possible, I have a wide range of ideas for portable cold-meals and have an infinite collection of Tupperware and similar boxes at my disposal. This reorientation and to become aware of it’s necessity took some time. By now it has turned into a routine.

Group-pressure or provocative remarks of others are another problem if somebody wants to go ahead with his diet and his dealing with himself outside of his own four walls. At events, there is often champagne offered, something I never liked. Plus I do not like to eat fried finger-food or things with fat sauces either. A simple “no, thank you” is often just not accepted. I myself had to explain myself, needed to discuss many times already and was even confronted with statements like “spoilsports.” Meanwhile, I am above those things and reply: “Which part of no thank you didn’t you understand – the ‘no’ or the ‘thank you’?”

It is already a big contradiction in itself that everybody speaks of healthy nutrition, athletic behavior, attentiveness and stress-avoidance on the one hand and on the other hand unhealthy meals and consumption of alcohol are socially acknowledged and desired. Alcohol still is the addiction-illness number 1 world-wide and chronic deseases have an impact on each organ caused by overweight and unhealthy nutrition. It just cannot be that somebody has to justify himself for a mindful dealing with himself.

Me as a test person found myself also at the threshold of facing different ailments, of which one could even become live-threatening. My bicycling from conviction is well known and as I now monitor and record my healthy meals, I change visibly. I gain energy, am happy that I can wear garments again, that have hung in the closet for years, my back-problems have disappeared and I just got a super-nice compliment from an older man,  whom I chatted with some days ago. Without wearing makeup and in my bicycle outfit, he estimated my age 20 years younger than it actually is. That motivates me enormously to pursue my way.

And how am I doing all this: with the help of an app, I note exactly what and how much I eat and make a daily plan, write down exactly what kind of exercise I am doing during the day. Every movement, whether bicycling, cleaning or walking are also noted and the calorie quantity for the respective day is calculated consequently. I know exactly whether I keep to the daily balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat and have found out over the last months which food is good for me that also tastes good and which does not. Eventually, I can eat anything, it depends only on the composition and the quantity.

Yes, I need discipline for this project. But the success sanctifies the means, as is well known. And after a planned four-hour cycling tour, I plan to eat a delicious salami-pizza with a glass of red wine and can really enjoy it with a big appetite and without compunctions. Of course this is not possible three times a week and not on a day without any activity.

I would like to support anyone who is interested in living a healthier life – however, it does not happen fast, it needs patience and consequence, then it will work. It is a painstaking way with obstacles, which however will lead to a long-term success.

England 20.9. 019

Mediation within Construction and Tenancy Laws

I am very happy to announce that after some informative and cooperative meetings with the manager of the VWE (Verband Mein Wohneigentum) Lower Saxony, a cooperation between us regarding mediation has been established. From now on I can be booked by VWE-members via the association’s offices in Hannover.

In case of incongruity and problems with construction businesses or between tenants and landlords a mediation process is by far more advantageous and faster as any litigation. The parties develop together a solution acceptable for all of them; it will be written down and can later be confirmed notarially, if so wished. Another possible application for a mediation process is on estranged neighbors.

An appointment can be found quickly and if all participants wish to solve the problem – however it will turn out – it can be solved timely and without having to fight a war of nerves. All in all it does not matter about which topic it is.

Try it out before you strive for a lawsuit. As long as you do not slam the “instinctive” door, finding a solution is still possible.

The mediation process is applicable to many situations, companies and private people.



I had planned a relaxed bicycle tour in and around Hannover after delivering something. But suddenly the great rain started and a thunderstorm was coming up. Right in the middle of Hannover, next to a very big and busy crossing with lots of traffic I moved into a bus shelter to wait for the rain to stop. After the big bike rally the day before (29th May), where I got soaking wet, I did not want to repeat that experience so soon.

So I was waiting totally relaxed on the bench, listening to my audiobook, looking at the falling raindrops and watching the bugged motorists inside their „tin boxes“. I was not in a hurry and decided to just stay there. As an old country lore says: there will always be sunshine after the rain.

So I was waiting for approx. 30 minutes, while several soaking wet cyclists passed by, who obviously did not want to seek shelter. All of the sudden Viktor from Omsk on his bike dashed into the bus shelter and sat next to me on the bench. We started chatting immediately, as if we had known each other for ages. He was born in Siberia, went hunting as a little boy in the Taiga and is still daydreaming of the big, wide nothing. He came to Germany 23 years ago and can trace his ancestors back for 400 years – to Germany.

He studied law in Omsk but his graduation had never been acknowledged in Germany so that he had to work as a janitor. Meanwhile he is retired and speeds happy as a lark on his bike all through Hannover and the adjoining communities. That day he had cycled to his sister in Isernhagen and was now on his way back to Laatzen when the big rain made him look for shelter. That’s how he ended up in “my” bus shelter. What a coincidence …

We were talking about different cultures and politics and were mightily amused about the coincidence of our encounter. We wanted to take a picture with Viktor’s mobile but that did not work. We got help from a young couple with dog from Prague. We took an international group picture and we all thought of this as a very special and in any case enriching meeting. Unfortunately I never received the original picture so that I had to take an alternative one of an empty bus shelter.

Viktor said goodbye with a kiss on my hand after he had advised me thoroughly on the many advantages of using coconut oil as face and body lotion and we cycled off in different directions. We will definitely stay in touch as this encounter was very special and most interesting. None of us was pressed for time and we enjoyed this moment of unconventional and curious talking a lot.

On my way back home I felt really light hearted and thought how rich in experiences and interesting encounters I am. Things that I would never witness while having a normal office day or by using a car. I am such a happy person !



Positive Experiences at the Aircraft Museum

Via an email invitation of Freundeskreis Hannover my attention was called to the Elly Beinhorn exhibition at the aircraft museum in Hannover-Laatzen and I participated last week in a guided tour. In two large halls many aircrafts especially of the beginning of the aviation age are shown. And there are lots of other exhibits relating to aviation and which have been used in the two world wars. Display cases and maps give the visitor many details about the development of aviation in general.

The special exhibition about Elly Beinhorn describes her life and development, her solo flights, throwbacks and the road of life of a very courageous woman who managed at the beginning of the 20. century to get a foothold within a new technical and so far only male domain. Whether Elly Beinhorn became more than 100 years old because of her own flying or because she advocated for aviation during her whole life – we don’t know. Whatsoever, she has my full admiration.

Besides visiting the museum I had nice chats with some of the museum’s employees. That was very enjoyable, informative and inspiring. And it was extremely nice of one of the gentlemen to lend me an additional jacket because I was so cold in the unheated halls. This kind of humanity is hard to find these days but still so heartwarming. The museum and its employees have definitely found a new fan in me.


My visit to CeBIT

March 17th I went to visit CeBIT. The route from my home to the fairgrounds is recumbent-suitable and when I got there I left it well locked under the Skywalk.

All the many technical innovations are not really my cup of tea, but I wanted to have a look at all the start-ups in hall 11 with their many new ideas. Most of those things are nothing for me, being a lone fighter. But besides having some good and informative chats some of the innovations fascinated me. That was “touch anywhere”, made by Monster & Devices (www.monsterdev.pl), that enables you to move pictures and presetations projected onto a wall by touching this wall with your fingers. That is a tool that I will definitely get one day.

„Foobot“, which measures the quality of the interior room, is a tool that I find most useful (www.foobot.io). It can either be used in offices or private homes and does not only measure humidity and temperature but also the amount of fine particles, carbone-monoxide and –dioxide in the air.

Very soon it will be interesting for me to check out www.sharednc.com. On this platform they offer office space or single office rooms at no charge for the ad. Lease details are discussed between owner and tenant. Organisation of payment and an insurance in case of damage are provided by the platform for a little fee upon signing a contract.

I finally made a purchase at Sonnenrepublik GmbH, who produce solar charges in different versions (www.clicc.de). Now I am the proud owner of a Solarlader Wing6 Cordura plus PowerBank, that will accompany me during the German summer on tours with my recumbent. So far only my normal bike has a nab dynamo with USB charger and I needed something fort he recumbent. Now I got it.

All in all it was an exciting day at the CeBIT fairgrounds and I could still store enough of  the wonderful sunshine last Thursday because I cycled. In Bornum I suddenly got very hungy and dropped into a McDonald’s – totally different from  my usual eating habits. Admittedly I did not go inside but used the drive-through, to the great amusement of the McDonald’s employees. No car was in sight and I took advantage of the moment.  This should not be imitated as the McDrive is only allowed for motorized vehicles, so I was told. I will not do it again, but had a lot of fun anyway.


Freedom of Expression – yes or no?

When it comes to two actual subjects I notice again and again how hostile and radical some people act if another person does not share their opinion. For one thing this is the subject of “asylum seekers“, and otherwise the subject of “US presidential election”.
Of course, I have an opinion on these things and express them, but I do not insult anybody, just express my thoughts, feelings and fears. I have every right to do so.
In almost all countries in this world the freedom of expression is established by law. But what is happening in as many countries right now is an alarming division and quarreling among the people. Just a few days ago an American Facebook friend has blocked me because I expressed my fears about Donald Trump on facebook. How sad because we have been on the same wavelength on lots of other issues.
Especially if someone holds an opinion with great passion it is often hard for him to accept that a long known acquaintance or friend does not share his opinion to its full extent. But it is this variety of thinking and opinions that enriches our coexistence and prompts discussions. And if one person welcomes all refugees with open arms and another one fears disadvantages for himself – that is no reason to treat each other with hostility.
Every single human being is still an interesting character and there certainly are plenty other common subjects – those that have formed an acquaintance or friendship over the years. So why end everything just because of one disagreement?
It is this development that I fear. People start to hold back with their opinion because they fear to be excluded or fear reprisals. I have no idea how to change that. But speaking for myself only: I do respect other opinions but do not always share them. It would be a step in the right direction if more people would remember this possibility.


Vacation in Switzerland – another Intercultural Encounter

After four years I am back in Scoul in Lower Engadine to spend some days in the snow. For the first time I had not booked a hotel but a private room – that is totally sufficient for me. The weather last Saturday was not the best and it started to rain around midday. Approx. 45 minutes before reaching Scoul the rain turned into snow that remained on the ground. I had never witnessed that before in this area. Snow up in the mountains yes, but never down in the valley.
Upon arrival in Scoul everything was completely white and it kept snowing. Somehow I was missing some orientation and I “stranded” somewhere a little below my destination. “Stranded” because the steep roads where already difficult to handle with all the snow and the car was hard to keep on track.
I called my landlords to them know that I was already pretty close, and he was so nice to come down the few meters, put on the snow chains and guide me safely to their place. So the day had brought a little adventure that we all took with lots of humor.
My landlords are extremely nice, helpful, positive thinking and do not at all match the impression I had of most Swiss people so far. As I have lived in this country for 2,5 years I do have some experiences. I immediately felt warmly welcomed. And I was allowed to change into the bigger appartment as it was not rented out for this week. Now I have everything and more and lots of space, my own sun patio and a complete kitchen. Perfect.
A great surprise was shown to me in the basement: an infrared cabin and a Jacuzzi – a steam sauna will be available soon. I got perfect explanations about how to use everything and we talked and chatted for hours. I was not used to that so far, normally everything is like hurry-hurry and very business-like. It really is a wonderful feeling if people take time and hassle.
Today the sun has come out and I will be up on the piste. The skiing area here is outstanding – I can highly recommend it. Those who want to try will find perfect accommodation with all possible amenities and fantastic landlords here www.fewo-scuol.ch. And no, I did not get paid for writing this text, these are my own super positive experiences.